Monday, March 30, 2009

baby adam

all i can say... is baby poop really isn't THAT bad... haha! David you're a trooper! Thanks for being a good sport and playing along with my rediculous requests! I think I like the ones with you in them the best! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek till the rest are ready!

Luke and Amy... Lamy? hmm.. probably not.

ok so your name doesn't work as well as Tom and Katy's does... Luke and Amy... the best I could come up with was Lamy! You guys are adorable... thanks for making the trek all the way up to Logan... I hope my kids didn't scare you off from having kids ever... they're usually pretty good. (ok i'm lying about that).

'tis the season...

Seems like everywhere I turn I'm seeing a pregnant belly! I love em! Just glad its not me!!! Here's a sneak peek guys! Hope you enjoy... thanks again! It was fun.

Beautiful Bellies...

Alana was such a super sport to let me experiment with her beautiful belly... and we got some fun stuff! Thanks girl! I cant wait to see the finished product on the wall! I know matt will love it... and you'll be so glad you bore it all! (ok not ALL... maybe next time!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sexy mamma!

thanks G! i had fun! keep me posted on when that little one gets here!!! cant wait to see him! here's a sneak peek of a few of your pics.. more to come on my website.